A compelling Shari’ah-compliant investment opportunity.

Autarky’s sukuk fuses high-quality Islamic finance with the needs of investors seeking exposure to UK property.

7-12% return per annum

Experience in a burgeoning market

With more than 30 years of combined experience in specialist finance, Autarky’s founders, Yasin Patel and Shoaib Bux, are perfectly placed to help investors benefit from the UK’s growing Islamic finance sector. The pair has overseen more than £700 million of financing since 2009, and were previously managing directors at a renowned private bank.

Autarky has been established to help investors seize the opportunities presented by Shari’ah finance in the UK.

Autarky’s sukuk is part of the UK’s Islamic finance sector, which has surpassed $7.5 billion worth of assets.

Source: https://www.refinitiv.com/perspectives/market-insights/what-are-the-latest-islamic-finance-trends-in-the-uk/

The rise in Islamic finance coincides with a buoyant UK housing sector, which has seen property prices rise by an average of 28% over the five years to March 2023.
Looking ahead, certain predictions suggest potential returns of 13% over five years for leveraged property investments made around the end of 2024, even with low loan-to-value (LTV) financing.
Autarky has a maximum LTV or LTGDV of 75%, based on independent, open-market valuations, helping to minimise risk.

Experience in a burgeoning market

Autarky’s sukuk provides a new option for investors searching for Shari’ah-compliant UK property-based investments.

We target predominantly experienced property professionals providing funding for the purchase, refurbishment or development of UK residential or commercial property.

Our cautious and methodical approach helps to mitigate defaults and non-payments. At the same time, Autarky’s proposition aims to satisfy the growing desire for ethical finance.

Autarky believes Islamic finance’s high ethical standards make it an ideal candidate for investors looking to make an impact, and Autarky aims to fulfill this objective this need with its responsible proposition and charitable donations.

Our sukuk uses a wakala-based structure, in which Autarky acts as the agent (wakil).

Rights in respect of Investments funded by the investors are held in trust, with profits distributed in line with the terms of the sukuk.

Autarky’s sukuk is part of the UK’s fast-growing Islamic finance sector, which has surpassed $7.5 billion.